With a plethora of franchise opportunities on the market, the Cornwell Tools mobile franchise business stands out as a premier choice for those seeking mobile franchise opportunities. If independence and a streamlined investment appeal to you, Cornwell Tools’ mobile tool franchise offers significant advantages.

Save Money on
Your Initial Investment

Opting for a mobile franchise opportunity with Cornwell Tools means substantial savings, especially when compared to the overheads of franchises requiring commercial real estate. By equipping your approved vehicle with a curated inventory, you bring a personalized shopping experience directly to your clients’ workplaces. This setup allows for seamless sales, order placements, and customer data management on the go.

The absence of a traditional storefront reduces your initial expenses, freeing up more capital to invest in your burgeoning business. Remarkably, new dealers can embark on their Cornwell Tools mobile franchise business journey with an investment as low as $114,525.

Greater Flexibility

A mobile business offers unparalleled flexibility, freeing you from the confines of a desk. This model empowers you to meet clients wherever they are, enhancing your ability to provide exceptional service without interruption.

Franchisees often schedule visits to various clients throughout the week, delivering the necessary inventory directly to their job sites. This mobility is ideal for those who thrive on engaging with clients face-to-face and enjoy the dynamic nature of being on the move.

Moreover, operating from your vehicle allows for a more adaptable workday. Although success requires dedication and effort, the flexibility of a mobile franchise facilitates a balance between work and personal commitments.


Cornwell Tools’ mobile franchise business model is not only advantageous for dealers but offers unparalleled benefits to customers as well. The convenience of having a dealer visit them directly saves time and enhances their shopping experience for tools and equipment.

Particularly for those in the auto repair industry, the ability to have tools replaced swiftly by a local dealer is invaluable. Regular visits from dealers also mean customers have access to the latest tools and equipment, ensuring they can perform their jobs more efficiently than ever.

This exceptional level of customer service has distinguished Cornwell Tools for over a century.

To discover more about leveraging the benefits of a mobile franchise, contact Cornwell Tools today. Explore how a mobile tool franchise business can transform your entrepreneurial journey.

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