The Cornwell Tools Mobile Franchise Opportunity

With so many franchise options available, why should you choose a mobile franchise opportunity? If you value your independence and are looking for a streamlined investment, you’ll probably appreciate what Cornwell Tools has to offer. Learn about some of the major advantages of going mobile, below. 

Save Money on
Your Initial Investment

One of the most appealing reasons to choose a mobile franchise opportunity is that you’ll save money compared to franchises that need commercial real estate, like stores or restaurants. You’ll stock your approved vehicle with inventory and will take the shopping experience right to your clients’ workplaces. You’ll be able to make sales, place orders, and manage customer data all from the road. 

With no need for a costly storefront, you’ll spend less upfront, so you have more capital to invest in nurturing your new business. In fact, new dealers can start their Cornwell Tools franchise for as little as $114,525.

Greater Flexibility

Another great reason to choose a mobile franchise is that you don’t need to be anchored to a desk throughout the workday. You’re able to go wherever your business takes you without missing a beat!

Many franchisees set up a schedule to visit different clients throughout the week, taking the inventory their clients need right to their job sites. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys being out and about, this model will likely be a more stimulating way to spend your day.

Best of all, your vehicle affords you the opportunity to have more flexibility during your workday. Don’t get us wrong – you’ll need to put in time and hard work to see the best results. But if you need to drop the kids off from school or make time for a doctor’s appointment, it’s possible to manage activities like these when you work right from your vehicle.


As great as our mobile franchise is for dealers, it’s even better for customers. They love that Cornwell Tools dealers come right to them, so they don’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to shop for tools. 

Many of your customers are in the auto repair field, and when a tool breaks, they often need it replaced right away. They appreciate that their local dealer is just a phone call away and can quickly show up to their shop with new (and improved) replacements. They also see great value in dealers regularly stopping by to help them select new tools and equipment designed to get the job done better than what they were used to before.

This high level of customer service is what has set Cornwell Tools apart for over 100 years. 

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