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Cornwell’s Veteran Incentive Program offers the standard $75,000 Initial Inventory Purchase with 0% interest. This special incentive is our way of saying Thank You for Your Service and keeping the American Dream alive.

Discover the Advantages of Franchising with Cornwell Tools


As you’ve learned elsewhere on our site, Cornwell doesn’t charge an initial franchise fee, setting us apart from the competition. In addition, we offer a great tool truck franchise opportunity for veterans with exclusive savings on our financing package for the initial inventory.

Cornwell’s Veteran Incentive Program offers the standard $75,000 Initial Inventory Purchase loan with no interest for qualified applicants. The saved total interest amount over the six-year term of the loan, if all the requirements of the Program continue to be met, would be approximately $30,000.

If you’re a veteran who would need financing to cover part of the initial investment, this is a significant benefit!


Military veterans invest in Cornwell Tools for lots of reasons aside from saving on interest.

For one thing, they’re able to utilize the skills they picked up in the military. Skills like leadership, organization, communication, and persistence are all valuable to Cornwell Tools dealers. If you’re a veteran, chances are you already excel in all these areas.

Furthermore, many veterans don’t like the idea of being chained to a desk. GI Jobs explains:

“For some veterans, regular cycling between locations is one of the best features of military service. No matter how monotonous the duty, the next deployment or a change in duty station could provide a break in routine or a needed breath of fresh air. Non-desk jobs may be your solution, or at the very least, jobs with both desk and field experience.”

Cornwell mobile tool franchise enjoy a routine just like this – they spend the work week on a route, selling high-end tools and equipment to professional technicians and businesses in the automotive and aviation industry. But, thanks to the Ironman Business Network, our proprietary point of sale software, they have the tools to handle many operational tasks on the go, from placing orders to managing customer data.

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Cornwell Tools - Mobile Tool Franchise
Cornwell Tools - Mobile Tool Franchise

If you’re wary about being tied down in an office job, our Cornwell Tools franchise opportunity for veterans is a great alternative. Best of all, we’ll provide you with comprehensive training on our products, our operational systems, and how to make sales – so no sales or tool experience is necessary to get started.

Contact Cornwell Tools today to learn more about what it takes to leverage this exciting tool franchise opportunity for veterans.

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