What Does it Cost to Open a Tool Truck Franchise with Cornwell Tools?

We’ve streamlined our tool franchise cost so franchisees can be sure they’re investing in virtually everything they need and nothing they don’t. We’ve managed to create a low barrier to entry, so more people are able to take advantage of this exciting, time-tested opportunity. Here, learn what’s included when you partner with Cornwell Tools.

Initial Franchise Fee (There Isn’t One!)

One thing you won't see as part of our costs are tool truck franchise fees. Because we’ve made the revolutionary choice to eliminate a standard industry fee, Cornwell franchisees can invest as much as possible directly into their business.

Financing Available

With an approved application and a minimum of $10,000 in the bank after setting up your business, Cornwell Tools can provide financing for the initial inventory and tool purchases. Contact us for more details on our tool dealer franchise costs.

These are just a few items included in the cost to open a tool truck franchiseContact Cornwell Tools today for more information on the investment.

Initial Inventory

You will fill your mobile tool store with an initial inventory package of top-selling tools. In addition, we offer financing for this inventory that includes funding to help you establish receivables as you grow your business.

  • COMPUTER PACKAGE: Having the right technology is crucial to keeping your business on the right track. Our computer system includes the latest hardware and software to help you manage all aspects of your daily business.
  • FINANCING: Cornwell Tools can assist you with the funding needed to start your business. Our in-house financing is an option that many new dealers utilize. This financing can cover the initial inventory and more.

Tool Truck

Your tool truck is a mobile store. You will bring your tool store to your customers every week. This makes it one of the essential start-up investments that you’ll make. Tool trucks range in price depending on several factors. During your setup, your District Manager will help you choose a vehicle that's a good fit for your business.

Computer System

As part of your tool franchise costs, you’ll invest in the right technology to keep your mobile franchise on the right track. Our computer system is designed to help you manage your business from just about anywhere, keeping your mobile franchise in order.

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