What Makes Us a Great Tool Dealer Franchise Opportunity

When considering their options to start a new business venture, most entrepreneurs carefully deliberate on their decision to ensure they choose the right one. While some believe that launching a business that follows a traditional small business model is their best chance at success, many more are beginning to realize that partnering with an established brand to own a franchise offers them greater flexibility, growth potential, and ability to accomplish their personal and professional goals through their business. While franchise owners are experiencing success in virtually every industry, those that take advantage of a tool dealer franchise opportunity with Cornwell Quality Tools are achieving some fantastic results.

Cornwell’s franchisees are equipped to stand out within the mobile tools industry, partly thanks to our established brand name and robust support system available to our tool dealers. They benefit from our rich, century-long history of attracting clients searching for high-quality mobile tools and the support they receive from the Cornwell team to help them navigate their business through what can be at times a challenging business and economic environment. Our wealth of experience and resources give Cornwell licensed tool dealers a competitive advantage that is hard to match under other business models.

Strong Foundation with Room for Growth in Your Tools Business

Cornwell franchisees have become known by the professional technicians they sell to for their top-quality, American-made tools and consistently excellent service. With a Cornwell franchise business opportunity, entrepreneurs can enjoy the freedom that comes with owning and operating their own business while also benefiting from the strong brand recognition and reputation that Cornwell has earned within the markets we have served for so many years.

Other franchisors frequently restrict their tool dealers to specifically sell to a set list of customers within their territory with no room for expanding beyond it. Obviously, that limits their franchisees, as they must wait for these approved clients to require new mobile tools – if that day ever occurs. At Cornwell, our licensed dealers have the freedom to sell to anyone within their territory, allowing them to form more authentic connections with their clients.

Support to Help You Succeed

Cornwell Quality Tools is committed to helping our tool dealers build the strong business they’ve been searching for, regardless of the background that the dealer brings to their franchise. Cornwell franchisees come from numerous different walks of life, and we don’t require a select set of experiences for interested entrepreneurs to get started with us.

We’ve built a comprehensive training and support program to help new franchisees start on the right foot and hit the ground running once they’ve opened for business. Our training educates Cornwell dealers on how to overcome common hurdles in the mobile tools industry, and our ongoing support proves that they don’t have to handle everything on their own once they have started selling our products.

In fact, the Cornwell Quality Tools team makes our franchisees’ success a top priority, and we do so by not only supplying an initial list of potential customers and locations but also by providing them with the use of our innovative Ironman Business Network point-of-sale software along with the regular guidance and feedback from a dedicated District Manager. It’s all just part of what separates a franchise opportunity with Cornwell Quality Tools from the other avenues that entrepreneurs can explore.

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