It takes a high level of self-belief to decide to start and follow through with launching a new business venture as an entrepreneur. While you may have full confidence in your abilities as a business owner, it’s important to prepare yourself for the specific challenges you expect to face – and the ones you might not be looking for. This is emphatically true for those looking to franchise under an existing brand, and who will have to deal with the usual hurdles of business ownership while staying in line with the established expectations and image of the franchisor. For those curious about what their business will look like after starting a tool dealer business with Cornwell Quality Tools, we’re dedicated to ensuring your franchise has what it needs for you to hit the ground running to successfully launch the venture you’ve been pursuing.

The Cornwell team has utilized its deep,119-year history to build a comprehensive training program and support system that can meet the needs of today’s technical professionals. With our business model, our franchisees can service these professionals, innovate to anticipate their future expectations, and remain true to the brand identity that has made Cornwell Quality Tools one of the top names in the mobile tools industry for so long. The importance of franchisee training is well-documented, and it’s the first of many commitments that Cornwell Quality Tools makes to its new franchisees.

Starting the Journey with a Cornwell Quality Tools Franchise

Those who sign on to become a Cornwell tools dealer are not thrown straight into the fire, forced to figure out everything on their own. Each new franchisee visits the Cornwell Quality Tools Headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio, where our training staff brings you up to speed on using our Ironman Business Network system and other useful tricks and tips for operating a Cornwell franchise. We also provide a tour of our manufacturing facilities in Mogadore, Ohio, so as a newly licensed Cornwell dealer, you can gain first-hand knowledge of the quality of our products and share that information with your customers.

The training also covers valuable insights about the mobile tools industry, so you’ll be more at ease, regardless of the prior background you bring. Following the time at our headquarters, we assign a dedicated District Manager to travel and spend ten days with you in your territory. They’ll accompany you in the Cornwell tool truck over those ten days and offer their guidance and observations to help you improve your practices in your early days. Your designated District Manager will remain in contact with you after they leave, giving you a valuable reference moving forward.

Experienced Tool Professionals Available to Help Offer Valuable Information

Your District Manager is not the only member of the Cornwell Quality Tools team who is available to provide assistance on a regular basis as you need it. Other departments that frequently help Cornwell franchisees are:

  • The Marketing Department helps refine our product line and promotes it through a variety of placements that will catch the eye of technicians in search of these tools.
  • The Publications Team produces our tool and equipment catalogs and other promotional materials to generate interest from customers.
  • Acting as your research team, Customer Service helps you order inventory and answer other business operations questions that arise during your workday.
  • The Tech-Credit Department helps you manage cash flow and makes financing available for customers interested in large-sum sales, such as tool boxes, scan tools, and large amounts of hand tools.

As a Cornwell franchisee, you’ll have access to the resources needed to support the journey you take with your mobile tool dealer franchise.

Want more detail on life as a Cornwell Quality Tools licensed dealer? Contact us today to learn more!


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