When looking to re-enter civilian life with a new business venture, there are many factors that former military members like yourself should consider. Beyond the aspects that every business owner evaluates, veterans often find themselves thinking about how certain business opportunities can provide a reliable structure and greater purpose in the same way the military did for them earlier in their life. Franchising provides an excellent balance of structure and support so that you and other veterans can take confidence in the fact that you won’t have to embark on this new journey alone. Few franchisors offer a veteran franchise business that gives you the ability to serve your community in a growing industry as Cornwell Quality Tools does.

At Cornwell Quality Tools, our tool dealer business has been built on the back of a century’s worth of work satisfying customers in nearby communities. This has given our brand ample opportunity to grow, along with partnering with entrepreneurs to create new Cornwell franchise dealers. We’ve worked alongside people who bring many different backgrounds and prior experiences to launch the mobile tool franchise that they’ve been searching for. Our franchise business model and success as an overall brand are closely tied to the success of our franchisees, giving us even more incentive to make sure you have the resources you need!

Take Advantage of Our Tools Franchise Investment and Become an Essential Part of Your Community

The Cornwell Quality Tools team takes pride in creating the best business opportunity possible for our franchisees. We feel very confident that military veterans bring several important qualities to their mobile tools business, such as leadership, organization, and determination. We’ve also found that many veterans who work with us find the ability to travel from customer to customer more rewarding than the traditional desk or storefront job.

While we know that veterans like you are typically self-starters, we don’t leave you to do everything on your own as a Cornwell veteran franchise tool dealer. Our unique Ironman Business Network gives you access to proprietary point-of-sale software that you can access on the go. The Ironman Business Network allows our franchisees to manage critical business operations, including checking inventory, placing orders to restock items, and viewing important customer data to prepare for your next on-site visit.

Become an Essential Part of Your Community

Mobile tools are becoming a vital part of many individuals’ daily lives, and that should continue in the future. Because of this, many people are regularly searching for a mobile tools dealer that can help them address their challenges and find the right products for them. As a Cornwell Quality Tools franchisee, you’ll be able to step into this essential role seamlessly. Doing so can also bring back the feeling of providing an invaluable service to your community like you felt during your time in the military.

The Cornwell team is proud to offer a franchise that ranks among the best franchise businesses for veterans on the market today. We’re confident that our partnership will give you a strong business opportunity and a chance to serve your community in a new and exciting way!

Are you a veteran of the military? Reach out to us to learn more about Cornwell’s veteran franchise investment opportunity today!


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