How Your Business Can Supply Tools Every Mechanic Needs

In almost any aspect of life and business, people generally want to get as much of what they need from one source or provider. This is no different in the mobile tools industry, where mechanics and other automotive professionals prefer to purchase all the tools every mechanic needs in one sales interaction. A mobile tools dealer who is prepared and equipped to supply all of their required tools in one visit can quickly become a trusted vendor while building customer loyalty. These dealers will also have more chances to upsell their products to mechanics who may not have considered other items in the dealer’s product line.

Few licensed mobile tools dealers know this better and experience it more often than those who choose to franchise with Cornwell Quality Tools. For the past 100+ years, Cornwell has operated as a family-owned business, which is evident in every aspect of our mobile tool franchise opportunity. Throughout our history, we have earned recognition and admiration from clients and fellow industry members alike. This is thanks in part to the strong caliber of tools that we produce and the excellent service we deliver in each sales interaction. When it comes to our franchise opportunity, the experienced Cornwell team works tirelessly to bring these same qualities to each of our dealers’ businesses.

Quality Tools Every Mechanic Needs

Many of the customers Cornwell dealers sell to are professionals in the auto repair industry and recognize what makes a tool top-quality and worthy of purchase. All products sold by Cornwell Quality Tools dealers are made in the United States of America from Cornwell’s own forging and manufacturing plants. Each tool is hand-forged by one of our tool experts and inspected for proper hardness, malleability, and resistance. This gives our customers peace of mind since they know they will be receiving a high-grade tool they can use to accomplish what they need it to.

Cornwell Quality Tools dealers are the primary beneficiaries of our commitment to authentic, domestically made tools. Our franchise dealers are the only ones who sell our tools in their market, which means that customers know they will have to purchase from them to receive the highest quality tool possible. Every Cornwell dealer also receives access to and training on using our Ironman Business Network (IBN) computer system. The IBN helps our dealers manage their inventory to always have the tools their customers are searching for in stock.

Not only do these aspects of our tool products improve the revenue Cornwell dealers can generate, but they also serve as a competitive advantage. Dealers for other tool distribution franchises usually do not have the same exclusive and direct control over their markets and profits.

Convenient Service

This level of control also extends into the way that Cornwell dealers provide top-tier customer service to auto repair professionals in their area. While other mobile tools brands restrict their franchisees to selling only to an approved list of clients in the area. On the other hand, Cornwell Quality Tools allows our dealers to meet and sell to any potential customer in their assigned territory.

Many professional technicians in the transportation industry have become accustomed to being required to visit a physical store or wait for an online order to come in. However, that is not the service they get from a Cornwell Quality Tools dealer. Our dealers travel in their mobile tools trucks to visit each of their customers at their location, bringing their inventory available for sale along with them.

Customers are appreciative of our dealers for providing this level of convenience and for the knowledge that Cornwell dealers possess. We don’t require a specific background for entrepreneurs who want to join the Cornwell family, as our training program can educate and inform them on what they need to know to address customer needs.

When it comes to providing the tools that every mechanic needs, Cornwell Quality Tools can do it like few others in the industry can even dream of. We’ve built and strengthened our franchise opportunity to maximize each dealer’s chances of success. By matching their ambition and tying our success as an overall brand to their success as individual dealers, the Cornwell team shows our commitment to our franchise partners each and every day – which makes a huge difference for both them and the customers they sell to.

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