When surveying the market in pursuit of their next business venture, entrepreneurs must first evaluate the franchise requirements for opportunities that they find appealing. Each brand has its own set of rules regarding what a potential franchisee must bring to the table.

These requirements can include personal characteristics, such as a strong work ethic and motivation, some industry background and experience, or a certain level of financial preparedness. Other times, candidates must pass a test of sorts that the brand lays out for them.

These requirements can seem overwhelming to entrepreneurs, particularly if they are looking to enter a new industry. While some franchisors have strict guidelines for who can invest in their franchise opportunity, others prefer and are willing to work with interested candidates who may need a bit of coaching to prepare for their new life.

We know that it’s not realistic to expect all entrepreneurs to show up to their first meeting fully prepared and capable of fulfilling these requirements to manage a business in an unfamiliar industry. That’s why the best franchise opportunities typically come from franchisors who are willing to go the extra mile to help potential investors succeed.

Cornwell Quality Tools aims to do exactly that when structuring our relationships with entrepreneurs. We know that the mobile tools industry can seem overwhelming to newcomers, which is why we go to such lengths to support our new franchised dealers. Our experienced team is confident that entrepreneurs who franchise with us can meet our franchise requirements.

Our Training Prepares New Tool Dealers

Cornwell’s training and support resources can prepare entrepreneurs for their new life owning a tool truck franchise, no matter what experience they bring with them. In fact, we’ve with investors from many different backgrounds with varying levels of prior experience working with mobile tools and equipment. Some common examples of our franchised dealers’ careers before they joined the Cornwell brand family include the following:

  • Professional automotive technicians
  • Workers in the business-to-business (B2B) industry
  • Employees working 9-5 roles
  • Military veterans returning to civilian life

Cornwell Quality Tools has been operating in the mobile tool industry for most of the more than 100 years that we’ve been in business. This gives our team a wealth of experience that we can draw from to support new dealers. This means entrepreneurs can be fully prepared by the time they open for business – even if they have never stepped foot on a tool truck before joining us.

What Our Training Looks Like

The training each new dealer receives from the Cornwell team covers all the daily responsibilities that they will manage as a mobile tools business owner. This includes financial considerations, such as cash flow, budgeting, and merchandising. The training also covers aspects unique to Cornwell’s franchise opportunity, like route management, product knowledge, and an overview of the computer system. Our team also shares business best practices related to goal setting, selling techniques, and time management.

Even after the initial training is complete, each Cornwell dealer can reach out to their District Manager for additional assistance if needed. Many of the District Managers at Cornwell Quality Tools once worked as mobile tools dealers themselves, giving them first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed. Our District Managers often prove to be incredibly valuable resources for new Cornwell dealers, regardless of their level of experience.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Become a Cornwell Dealer

To become a Cornwell dealer, entrepreneurs typically need to learn a bit more than general industry knowledge and what the brand’s training provides. One of their chief concerns should be the financial commitment that they need to make to start a new franchise and whether it is affordable. The Cornwell team is transparent about our investment costs to help entrepreneurs determine what they will need to spend to become mobile tools dealers with us.

No Initial Franchise Fee!

Cornwell Quality Tools is one of the few brands in any industry that does not require investors to pay an initial franchise fee. This gives entrepreneurs the flexibility to decide what other aspects of their new business to invest in. Cornwell’s initial costs are focused primarily on the following:

  • Setting up the computer package that each franchised dealer uses
  • Establishing the product inventory they will sell
  • Covering necessary training and support program expenses

Cornwell also offers financing options for entrepreneurs who want to build their new businesses without overextending their capabilities. With an approved application and $10,000 in the bank after setting up their businesses, the Cornwell team can help these entrepreneurs cover their initial costs.

Creating a strong franchise opportunity is about much more than simply entering into an agreement with an experienced candidate who checks all the right boxes. Cornwell Quality Tools has demonstrated that we have what it takes to last in the mobile tools industry, and we are committed to proving it every time we go into business with new dealers!

Ready to see if life as a Cornwell mobile tools dealer is right for you? Reach out to our team, and we can discuss the steps we’ll take together to make it happen!


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