Our Great Mobile Tool Truck Franchise Financing Options

Regardless of the industry you choose to operate in, starting a new business of any kind requires a certain level of financial commitment to make it successful. Launching a franchise can be particularly difficult if you are unsure that you can meet the franchise financing requirements needed to get off the ground. While certain franchisors could be described as rigid in their efforts to help motivated entrepreneurs who may need some assistance in this area, the Cornwell Quality Tools team takes a different approach.

The Cornwell team has developed franchise financing options to help potential mobile tools dealers who require a bit of flexibility to get their new business started. Cornwell has operated as a family-owned business for over 100 years, giving us the insight and experience to help you find the right path to success in the mobile tools industry. Other brands might be more hesitant to help entrepreneurs like you in this area, but our confidence in the Cornwell brand and franchise opportunity makes us different.

We firmly believe that any Cornwell dealer who takes the right approach and dedicates the appropriate amount of effort to their mobile tools franchise will have a strong chance at achieving the business growth they desire.

Available Tool Truck Franchise Financing

Cornwell Tools can assist you with the funding needed to start your business. Our in-house financing is an option that many new dealers utilize. When entering into a franchising agreement with Cornwell Quality Tools, you will be able to make use of our financing options should you need them.

Using our financing plan can help ease the financial burden on you in the early stages of starting your new mobile tools business. All you have to do is:

  • Submit an application
  • Receive approval from the Cornwell team
  • Possess a minimum of $10,000 in the bank after setting up your new business with us

Once you have met these requirements, the financing plan will cover your initial inventory and tool purchases. These will give you the strong foundation you need to start becoming a leading mobile tools dealer in your territory.

Whether you require the use of our financing options or not, you will not need to pay a franchise fee to become a licensed Cornwell dealer. Franchise fees are initial payments that are standard for many other brands in all kinds of industries – but Cornwell Quality Tools has made the revolutionary decision to offer a franchise opportunity without one.

The savings you experience from not having to pay a franchise fee with us should put your new mobile tools business in an even better position compared to our competitors. If you have any questions or require further information about our financial options, please contact a member of the Cornwell team to request a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

How We Help With Initial Inventory

We know that you might be wondering, “What are the other benefits of using Cornwell’s franchise financing options?” Beyond just the savings you could experience, it also sets up your new business with the initial inventory you need to get started as a Cornwell dealer. Specifically, this includes the tools you will sell to customers and the computer package that fills a critical role in your operations as a Cornwell dealer.

Each of our tools is hand-crafted in the USA, which gives them a level of credibility and quality that is hard for others to match. Customers recognize and appreciate this as well, allowing dealers like you to quickly build a loyal base that you can sell to whenever they are in need of tools like ours.

The computer system, including our ground-breaking Ironman Business Network (IBN), brings the right technology to keep your business moving forward. Our computer system contains the latest hardware and software to help you manage all aspects of your daily business. The computer system allows you to control your:

  • Inventory management, which ensures that you are fully stocked with the Cornwell tools customers will need to purchase
  • Scheduling, so you can keep track of the customers you need to visit and what Cornwell products they are interested in buying from you

The financial aspect of starting a new business can seem daunting – but it does not have to be that way. The Cornwell Quality Tools team is fully committed to serving as your franchise partner every step of the way – including how you manage the financial costs to become a Cornwell dealer. We are confident that by using our financing options, you can find the right path to achieving your goals as a Cornwell mobile tools dealer!

Want to learn more about our franchise financing options? Contact our team today, and we can send you more information and discuss in greater detail!


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