Opening a tool franchise is a great way to go into business for yourself – but you will likely want to know how much a tool truck franchise costs before signing a franchise agreement. As a supplier of quality specialized tools and equipment to professionals in fields like auto and heavy-duty truck repair, Cornwell Tools structures our investment costs to set up our franchised dealers with everything they need to get started with confidence – without overwhelming their financial capabilities.

If you’re new to the world of franchising, you can see the full cost breakdown of a brand’s opportunity by requesting a copy of their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The Cornwell team encourages you to reach out to us, and we will send the current version of our FDD for your review.

In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the important parts of the overall tools franchise cost breakdown outlined in our FDD – and, most notably, how we don’t include a franchise fee.

The Total Estimated Initial Investment and Tool Truck Franchise Cost

Cornwell’s tool truck franchise cost ranges from $164,525 to $293,825. This amount covers just about everything it takes to open a Cornwell Tools franchise, including your computer and proprietary Cornwell software, and is noticeably lower than the franchise investment required by most other mobile tool brands.

In addition, we’ve streamlined our costs so franchisees can rest assured they’re investing in the things they need and nothing they don’t. Costly commercial real estate, for instance, is not part of the investment. A few things that are include:

Tool Truck

Your Cornwell Tools mobile tool truck, at an estimated cost of between $75K and $165K, is one of the most important things you’ll invest in. It’s really at the heart of your business, serving as both your mobile showroom and office. You’ll use it to make deliveries, show off new products, and connect with customers on their turf.

Additional Funds

We recommend starting off with additional funds between $10K and $35K. Having this cushion can be an invaluable resource while your business is still finding its footing and you’re building up your customer base.

Training Expenses

Cornwell dealers should plan to incur $5K in travel, food, and lodging expenses during their training program. That said, we’ll work with you to help keep these costs manageable.

Why Don’t Cornwell’s Investment Costs Include a Franchise Fee?

One of the reasons our initial investment is so low is that Cornwell doesn’t assess a franchise fee. It’s common for franchisors to charge a franchise fee to help offset the costs of training and support and grant access to the use of their brand name.

However, at Cornwell, we want to make things as easy as possible for our franchisees. We incur significant costs to train and onboard new franchisees effectively. This, we’ve found, is not only an investment in their future success but in the overall long-term success of the Cornwell brand.

Instead of paying a franchise fee, you’ll have more financial capacity to spend $55K for your initial inventory. This is an essential part of your initial franchise cost as it allows you to have the right selection of popular tools and equipment on hand, so you can start making sales straightaway.

Ready to learn more about the investment in a Cornwell Tools franchise? Request a copy of our FDD today!


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