The mobile tools industry has been experiencing plenty of positive momentum in recent times, which has drawn the interest of entrepreneurs looking for their next business venture. Within the mobile tools industry, there are a number of options for these entrepreneurs to pursue. Some elect to build a mobile tools business on their own by following a traditional small business model, while others find that mobile tool franchising with an established brand is the better option. For those looking to make the most out of their investment in a new business venture, Cornwell Quality Tools is ready to prove that we are the best brand for tool truck distributors.

At Cornwell Tools, our franchising opportunity has been built on the strength of our brand identity, which boasts over a hundred years of success. Having been in business for such a long period, our team has witnessed and adapted to countless major changes within the mobile tools industry and the larger business world. This has given us the valuable experience we can draw upon and share with our franchisees, which in turn, typically provides a significant boost to their business operations.

Structure That Doesn’t Stifle

Among the biggest advantages to franchising with us is that our quality of products is one of, if not the best in the entire market. Many Cornwell-branded tools and storage products are manufactured at our facilities in Ohio, which gives customers peace of mind knowing that they are getting a high minimum quality that comes with products made in America. Cornwell Quality Tools franchisees are also provided access to the Ironman Business Network (IBN), our modern software package that helps franchisees manage their daily business activities. The IBN monitors and tracks inventory, sales, financials, and other critical business information that franchisees need to be on top of.

While we provide these resources, the Cornwell Tools team is also mindful not to overwhelm franchisees with too many requirements to follow when operating their tool truck business. Once they receive their geographic territory, Cornwell franchisees have the freedom to sell to any interested customer within that territory. We don’t restrict our authorized tool dealers to selling only to an approved set list of customers, especially since we primarily rely on our franchisees to market our Cornwell Tools products.

Our Reliable Network to Support Your Tool Franchise Investment

Our team aims to offer as much support as necessary so that entrepreneurs who franchise with us can take their business to the heights they’ve always hoped to reach. Cornwell Quality Tools hosts several events throughout the year to give franchisees the opportunity to connect with each other, as well as other members of the Cornwell team. These events include our Annual Tool Rally, training workshops, and quarterly meetings with dedicated Cornwell District Managers.

Few franchisors can come close to offering a comparable partnership for those embarking on a tool truck distributors venture. Cornwell Quality Tools has the decorated history and the vision for the future to help put entrepreneurs in the best possible position to succeed in the tool franchise industry!

Contact the Cornwell franchise team today and find out for yourself how we back up our claim of being the best brand in the mobile tools industry!


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