For entrepreneurs considering a mobile tool franchise ownership agreement with an established brand, a key consideration is the benefit of the brand itself. Many top-performing franchise brands dedicate their efforts to streamlining operations and attracting customers. At Cornwell Quality Tools, however, we have built and grown Cornwell’s brand name over the century that we have been in business by going beyond the basics that so many other franchisors settle for. 

Our franchise business strategy offers more benefits than others in the mobile tools sector.
Cornwell franchisees are often immediately sought out by local customers in search of a high-quality mobile tool to help them with a project or challenge they’re working on. This allows Cornwell franchisees to hit the ground running with significant momentum once they’ve opened for business.

Why Choose Cornwell Quality Tools as Your Franchisor?

Joining the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family as a franchisee offers an array of benefits that you just won’t see with other franchisors. Our new Cornwell franchisees are welcomed to our headquarters in Ohio, where they experience our comprehensive training program that familiarizes them with the mobile tool industry and best practices for their franchise. After your initial training, you’ll have everything you need to process and prepare for your new franchise grand opening – and the Cornwell team continues to offer ongoing support as you need and request it.

Cornwell franchisees can sell products that stand above the rest in quality, thanks to our commitment to making them in the USA at our manufacturing plant in Mogadore, Ohio. Customers have come to know the quality of our products and will be eager to do business with you once your doors are open.

Additionally, the Cornwell corporate team gives you the freedom to do business with anyone searching for a mobile tool seller in your territory, which is often not the case for other brands, as they only let their franchisees sell to a set list of approved clients, limiting their revenue and growth potential.

Our Brand Name Generates Recognition For Your Tool Franchise Investment

Cornwell Quality Tools has not grown as a reliable name in the mobile tools industry solely through word of mouth. We employ the following tactics in high-profile areas to spread awareness of our products and services, especially when launching a new franchise:

  • Promotions, including monthly flyers, special events, profit builders, and the release of our Annual Catalog.
  • Racing sponsorship with the highly popular John Force Racing and SRX series.
  • TV advertising on Stacy David’s GearZ program and select NHRA Race Weekends.
  • Print advertising in Professional Tool & Equipment News.
  • Online presence through our accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, and access to our Online Catalog.

Franchising with Cornwell Quality Tools also provides access to several valuable resources that can help grow your franchise, such as:

  • Software – Point-of-sale software manages daily business operations while utilizing an interactive budgeting system that helps you manage cash flow and see how transactions affect your business in real-time.
  • Tool Rally – Our Annual Tool Rally updates franchisees on our newest products, promotions, and recommended business strategies.
  • District Support – Dedicated District Managers are ready, willing, and able to help your franchise succeed – oftentimes using their own prior experience as franchisees to do so. We set up quarterly review meetings between you and your District Manager, and they’re always just one call away!
  • Customer service – Trained representatives can connect with you quickly to offer information and resolve any challenges or questions you have about your Cornwell tool franchise.

Building a strong franchise in the tool industry is a significant commitment and one that requires an industry-leading brand name to make a reality. That’s just part of why so many entrepreneurs choose to partner with Cornwell Quality Tools when starting their franchise!

Curious about how our brand name helps position our franchisees for success? Contact the Cornwell team today and we’ll show you how our top tool franchise has helped so many of our franchisees in their journey.


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