Take Control of Your Tool Distributor Business With Cornwell

If you are getting ready to start a new business as a tool distributor, you will likely have a variety of available options to choose from. You could decide to start from the ground up by following a traditional small business model or perhaps opt to work at an established company in the mobile tools industry as an employee at one of their locations.

However, many individuals looking to take control of their careers have found a greater level of success and satisfaction in partnering with a well-known brand to own and run a tool business as a franchisee. Many of those who prefer franchising have found that the best opportunity to become their own boss is by investing in a Cornwell Quality Tools franchise.

Cornwell’s decorated history in the mobile tools industry spans over 100+ years as a family-owned and -operated brand. Joining our team means you’ll be treated like family, a key attribute that differentiates us from our competitors in the market. While others can be overcontrolling as they try to force all of their franchisees operate in the same exact way, Cornwell is highly dedicated to ensuring that each of their mobile tools franchisees has the flexibility required to succeed and accomplish the mutual goals set forth.

No Tool Franchise Experience? No Problem

Certain franchisors have a strict set of requirements for those seeking to own and operate a franchise with them. This can be daunting to overcome, especially if one lacks the specific background that the franchisor expects from their franchisees. When partnering with Cornwell Quality Tools, even without prior experience, you’ll be able to run your new mobile tools business having full confidence in your abilities. Our dealers come from all sorts of backgrounds, including those who have:

  • Run or worked at a tool shop before
  • An interest in or passion for automotive and machine repair
  • Begun to look for a new direction in their professional career
  • Recently returned to civilian life after serving in the military
  • Taken many different paths to arrive at our franchise opportunity

No two Cornwell franchisees share the exact same story regarding their experiences prior to investing in our mobile tools franchise opportunity or what made them decide it was the right time to get started. By taking the steps to complete our comprehensive training program, you’ll gain the following key insights that will likely prove to be vital for your chances of success as a tool distributor:

  • Greater familiarity with the mobile tools industry
  • Best practices for optimizing your operations
  • Tips on how to approach and win over new customers in your territory
  • Information on additional ways Cornwell will support you throughout your time as a dealer

Support You Can Rely On

Even after your initial training, you will continue to have access to ongoing support from the Cornwell Quality Tools corporate team. We will keep you informed about the tools and equipment you can sell to your customers, especially when we add new items to our product line. When you are ready to get started driving your tool truck to visit customers throughout your territory, our team will also supply you with a list of potential locations with customers who are likely in need of our products so you can visit them regularly.

These efforts will boost your chances of making profitable sales right from the start, which is often a critical aspect of almost any business. Cornwell dealers also gain access to a custom point-of-sale software called the Ironman Business Network (IBN). The IBN serves as a database to track your business metrics, manage inventory, log visits with clients, and much more. The IBN can make all the difference in your daily operations and is another key competitive advantage that you’ll have with Cornwell that is not as readily available with other mobile tools brands.

Additionally, you are assigned a District Manager who is available to help you with whatever business obstacles arise during your time as a Cornwell dealer. Your District Manager will offer insights and analysis that can be implemented on a day-to-day basis to improve the results you are seeing in your mobile tools business.

Many of our District Managers once owned and operated a Cornwell tool dealership franchise selling in a territory much like your own, so they will likely have direct experience with the same challenges you face in your life as a Cornwell dealer. Taking control of a new career as a tool distributor is not something you should expect to do on your own. By becoming a franchised mobile tools dealer with Cornwell Quality Tools, you’ll gain access to our industry-leading training and support – and become part of a family that will help you every step of the way.

Reach out to learn more about our investment opportunity and how you can start the process of becoming a Cornwell tool distributor dealer today!


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