All across the business landscape, working professionals are starting to evaluate their options to pursue a new career path, particularly over the last year or so. Many factors have contributed to this decision that many individuals are considering. Still, just as important as deciding to leave a current position is identifying the next move as a professional. For some, the right decision could be to open a tool dealership by franchising with Cornwell Quality Tools – and we are happy to help them in that transition.

For more than a century, the Cornwell Quality Tools team has been known amongst professional technicians in the transportation industry as one of the top suppliers of high-quality mobile tools and tool storage accessories. Over this extended period of time, our team has witnessed many changes within the industry and harnessed it to grow, both in terms of experience and size. We’ve also designed our business model to welcome new franchisees who are in search of a new career path that offers a better opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Find a Better Path with a Cornwell Tools Investment

To garner more insight on what makes a Cornwell Quality Tools franchise such a great opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get started in a new industry, we spoke with one of our licensed tools dealers, Dave Edwards. Dave originally joined the Cornwell team in February 2021, with the COVID-19 pandemic still providing many challenges for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Prior to starting as a Cornwell franchisee, Dave worked with many different professionals in the construction industry, including maintenance mechanics, and companies using heavy construction, earth-moving, dozer, dump truck, and single-engine vehicle equipment.

Dave made the move to Cornwell because, in his words, “With the weird times of the COVID-19 pandemic, [you could see] some construction companies where their businesses were kind of faltering and you didn’t know where their future was going to be. I wanted to join the Cornwell team to secure a future for myself.”

Dave had considered becoming a Cornwell dealer about a decade earlier but was not sure he was ready for it at the time. When he eventually decided to jump into business with us, he was pleasantly surprised by the relatively quick speed of the franchising process.

Dave details, “It happened fast. Within six to eight months, we were doing this. I mean, I thought about it on and off, and then finally decided, all right, let’s pursue this. It didn’t take very long to get the process together.”

Support to Overcome Challenges: We Have Your Back!

Getting started is only part of the battle for entrepreneurs launching a new business venture. Thankfully, by partnering with Cornwell Quality Tools, investors like you can benefit from our franchisor support to overcome common industry challenges, many of which you might have to face on your own under a traditional business model.

Despite being new to the mobile tools business, Dave was able to rely upon Cornwell’s recognized brand name to give his customers a sense of assurance in the quality of tools and equipment he sold to them. Dave also learned a great deal about the business through networking with his fellow Cornwell dealers. As he describes it:

“You have your other dealers and managers to help you. Spend as much time with an existing dealer to get the ins and outs, just to be prepared when you’re on the street and avoid getting blindsided.”

Dave also shares these pieces of advice for new Cornwell dealers:

“Do the due diligence. Do the ride-alongs. Spend as much time as you can with some different dealers to see different styles [of doing business]. You can be your own boss [as a Cornwell tools dealer].”

If you’re looking to start out on a career path that offers greater potential for control and rewards down the line, then choosing to open a tool dealership with Cornwell Quality Tools might be the best decision you could make!

For more information about our investment, reach out to our team today, and we’ll discuss your path to joining the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family!



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