When deciding on a brand to franchise with, you should look for a partner who is ready to make your business a top priority. In the mobile tool industry, there are few franchisors better equipped to do this than Cornwell Quality Tools. Cornwell has served as an industry leader in tool production for more than a full century. During that time, we have evolved our product line and operations to keep pace with changes in technology and customer needs. Best of all, we did this without sacrificing our family-owned identity – one of the few mobile tool distributors who can still say that today.

The Cornwell team has continued to push forward in our aim to revolutionize the industry. Our franchised dealers are a critical part of these plans, which is why we make each one who joins the Cornwell brand family a central part of how we conduct business with customers.

Cornwell dealers are empowered with the training, support, and resources to confidently handle their day-to-day responsibilities. The Cornwell team offers guidance whenever needed while also supplying the decision-making control and freedom that many investors like you seek in your next business venture.

Become a Mobile Tool Industry Leader with Cornwell

The mobile tool industry has recently experienced notable growth, with few signs of slowing down anytime soon. You may be wondering what makes a franchise opportunity the right one to invest in. At Cornwell Quality Tools, we are eager to prove the difference we can make for new dealers like you in your new career. We’ve adopted multiple approaches to running a mobile tool truck that separates us from our competitors in this industry. Some of the ways that we have revolutionized life as a mobile tools dealer include:

Franchise Cost

The start-up costs and investment can be the most daunting aspects of opening any new business. In response, the Cornwell team has worked to minimize your out-of-pocket costs when starting life as a mobile tools dealer. This is why we focus your investment on the areas that will most directly impact your new business. Furthermore, Cornwell is one of the only franchise opportunities that does not require a franchise fee, giving you even more flexibility in how you wish to structure your initial investment in your new mobile tool franchise.

Route Management

Certain mobile tool brands prefer to restrict their dealers to only selling to customers on an approved list they manage. As a Cornwell dealer, you can determine your own route and schedule as you best see fit. This grants you the ability to achieve the personal goals you’ve set for your new life as a franchised mobile tool dealer. As long as the customer is located within your territory, you will be free to sell Cornwell products directly to them!

Dedicated Support From Experienced Professionals

With too many franchise opportunities, the brand frequently leaves their partners to “sink or swim” on their own once they open for business. Cornwell’s team of experienced District Managers can share their insights to help you with any challenges your mobile tool business encounters. With many of our District Managers having previously worked as franchised dealers, they know all about what it takes to succeed in this industry.

Become the Top Option for Mobile Tools

With these major competitive advantages in hand, it’s no surprise that Cornwell Quality Tools has earned a top spot among many customers in need of mobile tools and equipment. Cornwell dealers are well-positioned to take advantage of customer demand for our products. Each premium-quality hand tool we sell is American-made at one of our Cornwell factories. With each such tool in your inventory produced by Cornwell, you don’t have to jump through any extra hoops with a third-party vendor.

Cornwell Quality Tools predominantly sells our tools and equipment exclusively through our franchised dealers in territories country-wide. You won’t have to worry about customers going through other channels to find the Cornwell products they’re looking to purchase. Instead, you can be at ease knowing they’re eagerly awaiting your next visit on your Cornwell tool truck. With all of the work the Cornwell team has done to revolutionize how we operate in this industry, there might not be a better time to join as a franchised dealer. Step onto a Cornwell Quality Tools Truck and become your own boss with an industry leader to support your efforts!

Want to see how else we stand out from the rest of our industry? For more information on our process of becoming a top-option Cornwell franchisee dealer, reach out to us today!


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