Recommendations for Route Management as a Cornwell Dealer

One of the most important aspects of running a mobile tools franchise is creating the right route management strategy. This is about more than just setting the route, but also how a mobile tools dealer manages their interactions and selling tactics with the potential customers they encounter on the route.

Handling this responsibility with the attention to detail required can be difficult for entrepreneurs to manage while running their mobile tools business under a traditional small business model. Even if they opt to franchise with an established brand in the industry, there is no guarantee that their route will be handled correctly.

Franchisees could face many obstacles building up their business if their franchisor is not equipped to properly assist them. Cornwell Quality Tools knows all about the importance of route management and the other key factors in the success of a mobile tools franchise for a variety of reasons.

Cornwell has been in business for more than a century, giving our team a wealth of knowledge to draw from as we assist our franchised dealers. This has allowed us to notice ongoing trends in the mobile tools space and react to them before our competitors. We also remain in constant communication with our dealers to hear what their customers are telling them and, in response, innovate our operations to better meet their needs. This is why we are able to implement changes so quickly and efficiently, allowing us to remain at the top of the tools industry for both franchisees and customers.

Route Management Planning the Route

There are many careful considerations that a Cornwell mobile tools dealer must take into consideration when selecting the destinations to stop at along their route. It could overwhelm  new dealers if they were forced to handle this responsibility on their own –but Cornwell dealers get the help and support they need to plan an effective route.

The Cornwell Quality Tools team devotes significant time researching to identify the ideal “stop points” throughout each territory. This greatly reduces the amount of time that our dealers would otherwise spend trying to locate customers or stopping and speaking with low-quality leads.

Cornwell’s high level of visibility and brand recognition in these markets puts our dealers top of mind with potential customers when they hear that a Cornwell dealer is coming to their area. We build on this advantage through our detailed marketing efforts to ensure that as many customers as possible hear the news and eagerly await the new dealer to stop at their business.

Cornwell dealers can also contact their District Managers for advice on route planning. This can be especially useful since many of our District Managers have direct experience with the territory and can point dealers in the right direction (literally). It’s unlikely that a dealer’s route will be exactly the same every day, so they can avoid falling into a monotonous routine while still serving a broad base of customers.

Selling to Customers

Plotting out the right route is important, of course; it’s not, however, the only part of the overall process. Regardless of how many stops they make along the route, any mobile tools business will struggle if dealers are unable to convince customers to buy their tools.

Cornwell works to help our franchisees overcome this by offering a training program that is among the most comprehensive in the entire industry. Not only do Cornwell dealers receive a full training session on route management, but they also learn about other vital parts of their business, including:

  • Merchandising
  • Product knowledge
  • Selling techniques
  • Our innovative computer system
  • And much more!

Cornwell dealers can also leverage our point-of-sale software, the Ironman Business Network (IBN), to optimize their ability to sell effectively while on the road. The IBN functions as a database where dealers can track records of their customers, including conversations and specific product needs, manage inventory, place orders, and more.

The IBN keeps them fully informed on what their customers are looking for and allows dealers to immediately determine customer delivery fulfillment. This provides a level of customer service that is hard for competitors in the market to duplicate for themselves and their customers. Devising the right route strategy is a complex task – and one that mobile tools business owners should not have to manage on their own.

If they choose to franchise with Cornwell Quality Tools, they can enter a partnership that offers a proven business model to take advantage of while removing a great deal of stress from their shoulders.

Contact us today to discover how else we can help your mobile tools business!


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