There are lots of great reasons to choose Cornwell Tools, a family and employee-owned tool truck franchise that’s been in business for over a century and franchising since the 1990s. We’ll break down some of the most significant reasons here, but they all boil down to one thing: we care about our franchisees and want to see them do well. Learn more, below.

We Don’t Assess a Franchise Fee

If you’re scoping out other franchise investments, you know how rare this is. Rather than add to your initial expenses by having you pay us a fee to use our brand name and business model, we help by allowing you to invest directly into your business. Instead of a franchise fee, you’ll spend $40K on initial inventory, so you can stock up and start working to make sales right away.

No Commercial Real Estate to Invest In

One of the most costly parts of any franchise investment, especially a sales franchise, is commercial real estate. A great reason to choose Cornwell Tools is that you don’t need to invest in real estate – your tool truck is your showroom. It’s large enough to hold your inventory and goes with you from site to site so you can make sales on your customers’ turf.

Don’t know much about tool trucks? Don’t worry – we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the right one and outfitting it to your needs.

Support Throughout the Life of Your Business

Plenty of franchisors say they offer support, but what does that mean? At Cornwell Tools, it means making your job easier while getting your business on the right track. As an employee- and family-owned franchise, you can count on us to . . .

  • Help you identify customers in your territory.
  • Guide you through creating marketing materials and campaigns.
  • Teach you our time-tested business model.
  • Support and manage your operations via resources like the Ironman Business Network.

As our business evolves, you can also count on us to keep an eye on our resources, ensuring that they continue to best meet your needs.

A Dedicated Territory

Some businesses similar to Cornwell Tools don’t assign franchisees a territory. Rather, they provide them with a list of businesses to sell to. The benefit of choosing Cornwell is that you’re able to sell to anyone within your assigned territory, so you have lots of flexibility to choose your own customers and cultivate relationships with any business you see fit. That’s why we’re not just a B2B franchise; we’re in the B2C space as well.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose our family- and employee-owned franchise. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to get started.


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