The growth experienced by the mobile tool industry in recent years has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs looking to make an investment in the industry – and there seems to be little to no sign of slowing down in the near future. This growth translates to an increase in potential owner/operators who are ready for the right opportunity to present itself. For entrepreneurs looking to avoid the common pitfalls that limit the success of a traditional mobile tools small business, now could be the right time to open a mobile tool franchise with a recognized and established brand like Cornwell Quality Tools.

Having been in the mobile tool industry for over 100 years, the Cornwell Quality Tools team has been witness to this growth and other major shifts. We have seen a lot of change and adapted our business and products to meet the new needs and challenges of our customers. Our ability to stay ahead of the curve is something that the Cornwell team passes along to each new franchise we partner with, giving them a competitive advantage that few other companies in the industry can keep up with.

A Tool Franchise Investment That’s Different From The Rest

Cornwell franchisees are able to stand out from the rest of the pack for more than just our rich brand history. Our franchising business model puts significant importance on our franchised tool dealers, which incentivizes us to help make them more successful. This link between our mutual success is rarely duplicated in the mobile tools industry, as most other franchisors lack some of the things needed to make their franchisees a success that our business Cornwell Quality Tools model provides.

This is evident in the decision-making control and support that Cornwell provides to our franchise tool dealers. While other brands only allow their franchisees to sell to a limited set of approved clients, Cornwell dealers have the freedom to sell to anyone within their territory, giving their business the best chance to grow. Cornwell also offers a significant amount of in-house support from experienced professionals, including District Managers who previously worked as Cornwell franchisees. This prior experience comes in handy helping current Cornwell franchisees who come to them seeking advice or insights on a business roadblock that they have encountered.

Our Franchising Process: What Our New Franchisees Can Expect

The franchising process itself can be daunting for those contemplating jumping into a new opportunity. At Cornwell, we have tried to simplify the process and make interested parties as informed as possible. We do this by giving them an opportunity to speak to their local Cornwell District Manager and encouraging them to visit our franchising website, set up a ride with a current Cornwell franchisee, and talk to other nearby licensed dealers.

Once the investor has decided to move forward to becoming a Cornwell mobile tools franchise, we guide our new franchisees through the process, providing information and guidance at each step:

  1.   Obtain a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) from the local District Manager
  2.   Complete a ride with a current Cornwell franchisee
  3.   Submit a completed franchisee application
  4.   Meet with the local District Manager to finalize the process

By partnering with Cornwell Quality Tools to open a mobile tool business, entrepreneurs can find a streamlined path into an industry full of potential!

Ready to start your journey with a Cornwell Quality Tools franchise? Request information and get the franchising process started with us today!


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