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Once you have decided that you are ready to invest in a mobile tools franchise, one of the important choices that you’ll have to make next is selecting a franchise territory to sell in. Most franchisors will have a list of territories, which can include cities, states, or regions where they are looking to launch a new franchise location. Meanwhile, you will likely want to open for business in an area you are familiar with that offers strong growth potential.

Hopefully, these objectives align, but that is not always the case. Choosing to partner with a brand like Cornwell Quality Tools with markets available to enter throughout the country, can help entrepreneurs like you avoid falling into this potential pitfall. Throughout our 100+ years in business, Cornwell has built a strong brand reputation that has increased our visibility and name recognition in just about every territory.

When it comes to the mobile tools industry, we have earned our place at the top of minds of customers in search of high-quality products like ours. Cornwell tool dealers benefit from this directly, as they can enter their new franchise territory and begin selling almost immediately.

While we are happy to welcome entrepreneurs who want to start a mobile tools franchise of their own in just about any territory, we have identified a few key markets that are poised to offer investors the best chance of success with a Cornwell dealership. With the strength of our partnership backing you, we are confident you’ll have every opportunity to succeed in any of these states.

Tool Franchise Territories for Consideration

Mobile Tools Franchise Opportunity in Florida

Florida has earned a rapidly growing reputation in recent years as a “business hub” for growth in entrepreneurship and consumer demand. Through our market research, we have determined that at least 20,000 professional automotive technicians currently reside in the state.

We also do not expect that number to decrease anytime soon, as the need for mobile tools continues to remain strong amongst the Florida population. With such an intriguing opportunity in the state, we firmly believe that Florida presents an excellent market for prospective mobile tools dealers like you to enter!

Mobile Tools Franchise Opportunity in Iowa

While Iowa may not be the name you’d expect to hear as a top market for business opportunities, it is certainly rich with growth potential for mobile tools professionals. Customers in the state will likely prefer doing business with a mobile tools truck rather than waiting to have tools shipped to them from a factory.

Cornwell has a particularly strong following among automotive professionals in Iowa, as many of them turn to us as their top choice for product quality. With so many mechanics in a relatively small state, the Cornwell Quality Tools team firmly believes that Iowa has unusual potential to be rewarding for dealers who open their Cornwell mobile tools business here.

Mobile Tools Franchise Opportunity in Minnesota

Minnesota offers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in a state with all the potential of a traditional “big name” market. Part of the appeal with Minnesota is that mechanics in the state have come to expect excellent customer service from their nearby Cornwell mobile tools dealer.

This motivates them to choose to buy from their Cornwell dealer rather than the mobile tool competition, shopping online or at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. With over 11,000 automotive professionals needing mobile tools in the state, Minnesota is another key market for dealers to pursue.

Mobile Tools Franchise Opportunity in New York

New York is one of the most well-known markets for business opportunities across nearly every industry – and the mobile tools sector is no different. Our market research has shown that there are 34,000 auto mechanics in the state, which reveals a strong need for tools.

When you consider the hustle and bustle nature that exists in a state with such a large population, the demand will likely continue. Cornwell’s team of industry experts will not only prepare you to meet that demand, but also make the most of the New York market, thanks to our comprehensive training and support offerings.

Even if you prefer a franchise territory that’s different from the four key markets we just listed, you shouldn’t be concerned. We are prepared to help you enter almost any market you choose and devise a market entry plan that will set you up for success. Our team of dealers has what it takes to make the most of our franchise opportunity thanks to our:

  • Stellar reputation as a leader in the mobile tools industry
  • High-quality products and service
  • Unique competitive advantages
  • Innovative business operations
  • And so much more!

Check out our full list of available markets today and see how we can help you enter your preferred market as a Cornwell dealer!


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