Starting a new business is a significant commitment that almost always requires entrepreneurs to learn a large amount of information even before they open their doors. This information typically involves descriptions and expectations about what day-to-day life will be like for them as a tool business owner, building their brand, and the overall industry they’ll be operating in — and can include much more. Learning all this just to give their new business a chance at success can be overwhelming for most individuals choosing to start a traditional, small one-person business. To help entrepreneurs interested in taking advantage of a mobile tool truck franchise avoid the same burden, the team at Cornwell Quality Tools has prepared a guide to our franchising opportunity.

Cornwell Quality Tools has been in the business for over a century, making us one of the most decorated and well-known brands in the entire mobile tools industry. As a result, customers have recognized our long-standing commitment to quality products and customer service throughout our history — and that loyalty that we have built through the strength of our brand shows no signs of slowing any time soon. We are confident that franchising with Cornwell is a business decision that you can make with plenty of confidence and for good reason.

Take Advantage of Existing Demand in the Tool Industry with Our Investment

Cornwell has been selling high-quality, American-made tools produced in our own factories for many years. As previously mentioned, this has created a sense of trust and familiarity with professional technicians in search of tools like ours. This strong customer loyalty is hard to create under a completely new brand, which is why so many small businesses struggle in the mobile tools industry. With backing from the Cornwell Quality Tools brand, our franchisees are recognized as trusted industry experts who provide the tools their customers need when they need them.

As a franchisor, Cornwell puts franchisees in a strong position to succeed with the way we have set up our business model. Much of Cornwell’s success as an overall brand is built on the individual success of the franchisees who sell our products in their mobile tools businesses. Because of this, we strongly invest in each franchisee who partners with us, giving them the ongoing training and support they need to grow their business. Cornwell also limits restrictions on the way our franchisees operate their businesses by allowing them to sell to any interested customers within their territory rather than an approved set list of buyers, which is a common practice among others in the mobile tools industry.

What Our Mobile Tools Franchisees Bring

On top of the high level of demand among customers that enables our franchisees to succeed, Cornwell Quality Tools works to ensure that there are no roadblocks that could prevent or discourage entrepreneurs from joining the mobile tools industry. We don’t implement a strict requirement when it comes to prior experience, as our franchisees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This speaks to the level of confidence that we have in our training and support programs for new Cornwell franchisees, as we give them what they need to get their new business off the ground fairly quickly.

If you have a passion for the mobile tools industry and are willing to put in the work alongside our great team at Cornwell Quality Tools, we can’t wait to offer you a chance to own a mobile tool truck franchise of your own!

Did you find the investment opportunity described in this guide to be interesting? Reach out to us today, and we’ll get started on making you part of the Cornwell brand family!


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