Why Start a Mobile Tool Franchise with Our Brand Family?

If you’ve been evaluating a business opportunity to partner with an established brand — like franchising — you should be prepared to ask in-depth questions about what sets the brand apart. While standing out from the crowd comes naturally to some franchisors, others may struggle to identify what makes their brand worthy of your investment. To prove why you should consider joining the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family, we’ll answer the simplest, but perhaps most important, question: Why start a mobile tool franchise with us?

For the team at Cornwell, it starts with our humble origins from over a century ago, which makes us one of the most historic tool companies in the entire industry. This has allowed us to maintain our advantage over many newcomers to the mobile tools industry, which extends to the new franchisees who partner with us. They don’t have to start building name recognition and customer loyalty from scratch, as they inherit these benefits from an established, industry-leading brand, which they would not have access to by franchising elsewhere. With so many customers trusting their local Cornwell Tools dealer for their mobile tool needs, your Cornwell Quality Tools franchise will have plenty of opportunities to become the business that could help grow your wealth.

Key Advantages of a Cornwell Quality Tools Franchise Investment

As a key element of due diligence when exploring any potential partnership, entrepreneurs are justifiably curious to learn what makes Cornwell the ideal option for a franchising opportunity. As such, we’ve identified the following key areas that put Cornwell franchisees in a better position for success than they would if they operated under another brand name:

Family and Employee-owned

Cornwell has operated as a privately held company, owned by family members and our employees since we first opened for business over a century ago. Each new franchisee is warmly welcomed into the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family, where they are treated as more than just a number from day one.

Geographic territory

When selecting a territory to base your Cornwell franchise in, you’ll have the ability to sell without limits in that territory. While many of our competitors only allow their franchisees to sell to an approved list of clients within a territory, you have the freedom to sell to whoever comes to your Cornwell franchise needing a mobile tool product.

Brand connections

Cornwell provides many opportunities for franchisees to network and communicate with other team members to learn from shared experiences. You’ll also receive additional training opportunities through scheduled events like quarterly District Manager Meetings and Cornwell’s Annual Tool Rally.

Ironman Business Network

The Ironman Business Network (IBN) serves as Cornwell’s world-class, innovative software package for franchisees. IBN is designed to manage and support your business activities, so your business doesn’t miss a step in its day-to-day operations.

High-quality products, made in the USA

We hand forge each tool that we produce at our plant in Mogadore, Ohio. With every USA-made Cornwell tool, your customers can buy from your franchise with confidence that they are receiving the best products in the mobile tool market.

Our Business Model Puts Franchisees First

The Cornwell Quality Tools business model means franchisees like yourself get the support they need. We primarily sell our products through authorized dealer franchises like yours, making them a vital part of our business.

The team at Cornwell Quality Tools is committed to showing you how we have reached the top of the industry, thanks in large part to the success of each mobile tool franchisee that has joined us over the years. We look forward to doing the same with you once you join the Cornwell Quality Tools, brand family!

Want to learn more about the advantages you’ll receive through owning a top tool franchise with Cornwell Tools? Visit our website today!


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