Our Product Line Helps Your Mobile Tool Franchise Stand Out

Our Product Line Helps Your Mobile Tool Franchise Stand Out

For many business opportunities, the growth potential and return on investment that can be realized only goes as far as the quality of products and services they offer. This is no different for a mobile tool franchise, which is often expected to meet the high standards set by the tool-using professionals who regularly purchase from them.

For this customer base, their hands-on knowledge of these tools, relative to how they are made, the purpose each serves, and how well they work is highly developed compared to the average tool-buying consumer. As a result, your mobile tools business likely needs to put out a more impressive product to truly impress the customers you will be trying to win over.

This task is easier said than done in the mobile tools industry, particularly if you choose to operate without a relationship with a national brand. Competing with large brands who have the resources to produce their own tools and storage equipment, display a proven track record with these customers, and who can, as a result, rely on repeat business present a challenge for anyone starting out entirely on their own. Never mind the inventory management process involved unless you franchise with an established brand.

For more than 100 years, Cornwell Quality Tools has been producing, distributing, and selling some of the highest quality, American-made tools and storage products available on the market. Over this time, we have watched the industry evolve based on the changing technology, machinery, and needs of the loyal customers who continue to buy our products from our franchised dealers today.

This has given us a great wealth of experience to draw from in how we design and manufacture the tools and storage our customers seek – and ones they don’t even know they need yet. By partnering with Cornwell to operate your own mobile tool franchise, we are confident that our in-house capabilities for producing stellar professional automotive products will help you become a top option for customers in your territory.

The Cornwell Tools Difference

At Cornwell, all of our premium-level tools and storage equipment are made in the USA, giving them a level of quality that is well-regarded and appreciated by nearly every customer we sell to. Our premium-level professional tool storage boxes are manufactured and sent to our dealers from our facility in Van Wert, Ohio.

We also hand-forge each Cornwell tool in our own production plant based in Mogadore, Ohio. This authentic craftsmanship has been a core part of the Cornwell Quality Tools brand identity since its inception and still prevails in everything we do today. With every American-made Cornwell tool or storage box your customers purchase from you, there comes the confidence in knowing they are receiving one of the best products in the entire mobile tool market.

Thanks to the Ironman Business Network (IBN) software and computer system package that every Cornwell dealer can utilize, you can avoid worrying about running low on inventory. Simply log into the system and place orders for restocking each product based on your existing inventory and customer demand. The Cornwell team will coordinate sending the requested tools and equipment to you, so that you can stock them onboard your tool truck for your next customer visits during your weekly route. IBN also gives you the ability to make note of individual customer needs and plan your route accordingly to better serve them with the products they have expressed interest in – all in a timely fashion.

While other franchising brands might sell direct to customers or put additional restrictions in place for their franchisees, this is not the case with us. As a Cornwell Quality Tools dealer, you will be encouraged to explore your entire territory during your route to find potential customers that we may have yet to become aware of. This is in stark contrast to how some franchisors only allow their franchisees to sell tools strictly to customers on their pre-approved list. Cornwell’s tool sales are almost entirely generated through the daily travels of our dealers – meaning we are even more incentivized to assist you throughout our business relationship.

More than anything else, your typical consumer wants to find a product they can rely on in as simple and painless fashion as possible. Cornwell Quality Tools has proven that we recognize this over the course of our century in business, and it’s why we put so much focus into this area on behalf of our dealers. We look forward to doing the same with you once you join the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family!

Have more questions about the Cornwell Quality Tools product line and how it can help your business if you franchise with us? Contact us today and our team will detail the difference it can make!


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