If you are considering joining the mobile tools industry, you might wonder what the benefits are of joining a mobile tool dealer network as part of an established brand. While it may certainly seem appealing, you could also choose to start your new venture in the mobile tools world under a traditional small business model. However, this would likely leave you without access to the many positive aspects of operating under a well-known brand name that come with franchising.

Even if franchising is the better choice for a prospective mobile tools dealer, that does not mean you should just choose any franchise opportunity you find on the market. Deciding on one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry, such as Cornwell Quality Tools, will give you greater confidence in your chances of succeeding in your new life as a mobile tools dealer.

If you franchise with Cornwell, your positive outlook will come with good reason. Cornwell Quality Tools has operated as a family-owned company for over 100 years, allowing us to learn and grow alongside the industry. This experience has helped us adapt to market conditions and stay one step ahead of the competition, which has proved to be a significant help to Cornwell dealers. By joining the Cornwell Quality Tools team, you’ll be able to leverage benefits that not many other brands can deliver for your business – and ones you would be unlikely to find if you chose to handle everything on your own.

Our Mobile Tools Franchise Treats You Like Family

Cornwell dealers are much more than just a number or territory name. As a privately held, family- and employee-owned company, our top concern is ensuring everyone in our mobile tool dealer network can maintain a strong performance. Unlike other tool brands who simply let their franchisees sink or swim with no support, Cornwell makes our dealers a top priority. Not only does your investment in our company deserve that kind of treatment from us, but Cornwell dealers often play a determining factor in the overall performance of our brand.

This is evident in how we operate as a company, given that Cornwell tools and products are sold almost exclusively through our licensed dealers. This gives us even more reason to support you through each stage of the franchising process – even after you have started making your daily routes on your own. However, we don’t just simply push you out the door and tell you to get busy selling as soon as you sign the franchise agreement. Our comprehensive training program educates you on the state of the industry, Cornwell’s competitive advantages that will help you stand out among mobile tools dealers, and how to effectively connect with, sell to, and meet customers’ mechanical needs.

Even after you’ve completed the training and begun your new career as a Cornwell Quality Tools dealer, our support efforts ensure that you are never alone when you need help managing your franchise business. Each Cornwell dealer has access to a District Manager who can help with any mobile tools challenges that arise. Cornwell’s District Managers are particularly valuable to our dealers because many of them originally started as licensed dealers, giving them an experienced perspective for you to draw from when needed.

A More Favorable Tool Franchise Investment Cost

Starting a mobile tools franchise, much like any business venture, requires a financial investment to get it off the ground and ready to take advantage of its industry’s potential. However, this doesn’t mean you should risk overextending yourself financially the way some franchise opportunities might require you to. At Cornwell, we protect our tools dealers from this by establishing a franchise investment cost that is among the most favorable in today’s market.

For starters, you will not be required to pay an initial franchise fee to become an officially licensed Cornwell dealer. This is a major industry wide difference between Cornwell Quality Tools and other franchisors. Without the added burden of a franchise fee, our dealers are free to apply their investment directly to their new business venture – giving them an upper hand on the competition.

Certain Cornwell dealers can also take advantage of our flexible financing options to help them better manage the expenses of investing in a franchise opportunity. If you possess a minimum of $10,000 in the bank after setting up your new mobile tools franchise with us, you could be eligible for our financing program. Once you submit an application and receive approval from us, the Cornwell team will help with the purchase of your initial inventory, including your computer system and tool truck, and your tools and equipment inventory.

Starting a new business can seem overwhelming, but there is no reason that you should feel like you have to do it alone. As a dealer in the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family, you can leverage the many benefits of franchising with us to your advantage. With our decorated history and track record of success, you should feel confident that Cornwell can help you become one of the best mobile tool dealers in your area

Interested in hearing about more benefits of franchising with Cornwell? Reach out to us and we can set up some time to discuss it together!


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