Why Our Mobile Franchise Is a Top Option for New Investors

Investors looking to start a new business venture often prioritize finding one that offers a more flexible, convenient, and unique work setting, such as a mobile franchise. These kinds of business ventures can also come with lower overhead costs, especially compared to traditional retail stores or commercial offices.

Of course, entrepreneurs will still need to find an industry and brand that can provide them with enough growth potential to be a worthy investment. Those who have done their research have found that the mobile tools industry typically features plenty of significant demand with a reliable stream of prospective customers.

Franchising with a highly regarded name, such as Cornwell Quality Tools, can put new investors on the right track to achieving their goals through their business’ performance. Here at Cornwell, we’ve been producing the highest-quality mechanical tools and other products for over an entire century as a family-owned company.

Our humble beginnings shaped the brand image that has remained with us to this very day, even as we have expanded into new territories – largely thanks to the success of our franchised tool dealers. We know all about the crucial role that each Cornwell dealer plays in the success of our entire brand, so we have always worked to help them realize the full potential of our franchise opportunity in the mobile tools industry.

Starting with training, we remain very eager to support each new investor who joins the Cornwell team as they step onto a tool truck and become their own boss!

Set a Route Directly to Customers

In a traditional retail store business, most owners are dependent on customers entering their property to conduct their business. Even then, some customers will get there and decide that the location does not have what they need, eventually taking their business elsewhere. On top of that, certain retail stores are dependent on their supplier for certain necessities, high-quality products, or specific items.

This is rarely, if ever, the case for those who choose to start a mobile franchise in the automotive tools industry. Many auto shops and other businesses are constantly using and looking to replace the tools that allow them to provide valuable services their customers rely on. As a result, they find a credible tools distributor who can reliably provide and deliver the tools they need in the turnaround time that works for them the better choice over a retail store.

Thanks to how we’ve structured our franchise business model, Cornwell dealers are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this steady market for our tools and products. Unlike many other distributors in the industry who are limited by their franchisor’s restrictions to sell to approved customers only, Cornwell dealers are free to do business with any customers in their territory. Cornwell tool truck franchise owners can set the schedule and route they choose to travel each day when visiting the businesses that require their attention.

Entrepreneurs generally don’t find this kind of decision-making capability in other industries. And since Cornwell’s sales are made almost entirely through our franchised dealers, these customers know their local Cornwell dealer will be their most accessible option to buy the tools they need.

Investor-Friendly Mobile Tools Franchise Costs

Just about any business venture requires a new owner to invest a significant amount of finances and other resources to get started with a substantial amount of positive momentum. However, the total costs can vary for several different reasons.

One of the reasons businesses that operate in retail stores and commercial buildings typically have greater costs is due to the expense incurred with purchasing land or leasing a building – not to mention all the extra costs if additional construction projects are imminent. Mobile tools franchise owners don’t have to worry about this since they can operate their entire business from their tool truck.

The costs for purchasing and maintaining the vehicle are usually much less expensive to the franchise owner when compared to buying, leasing, or constructing a physical building. Beyond the financial advantages of the mobile tools truck, Cornwell has taken the revolutionary step to eliminate the initial franchise fee that nearly every other franchising brand requires their franchisees to pay. We also offer more flexible financing options for qualified investors who need to utilize them. These combined savings make Cornwell Quality Tools an excellent franchise opportunity for new investors looking to take advantage of the mobile tools industry’s growth potential!

Have more questions on why becoming a mobile tools dealer with Cornwell could be the right fit for you? Contact our team today, and we let’s learn whether a franchise partnership with us is the right move for all parties!



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