Our Franchise Training Program Sets You Up for Success

Our Franchise Training Program Sets You Up for Success

With just about any franchise opportunity, a franchise training program usually goes a long way in helping prepare entrepreneurs for life running their next business venture. This training generally takes place before a new franchise starts operating, and is designed to familiarize each new investor with the brand they are allying themselves with, the industry they are entering, and the customers they will be focused on servicing and selling to.

However, not all training efforts offer the same amount of detail that plays a critical part in preparing new franchisees for their daily responsibilities. These programs are particularly useful for entrepreneurs who don’t bring industry experience with them when they open a new franchise. Franchisors who don’t set up a strong training offering for investors are failing to prepare them for what they can expect from their life as a member representing their brand.

At Cornwell Quality Tools, we have applied our 100+ years’ of experience toward building a franchise training program that gives our mobile tools dealers what they need to confidently run their new business venture. Our rich history has not only allowed us to anticipate and make necessary changes to our operations but also kept us one step ahead in terms of developments in the industry and customers’ changing priorities and needs.

All of this is implemented into the training that each new Cornwell dealer completes before driving their tool truck on their first day on their own route. Cornwell’s status as a family-owned company that prioritizes our franchised dealers has stayed constant through our many years in business, as is evident from the training and assistance we provide.

How our Franchise Training Program Prepare You for Life as a Cornwell Dealer

The Cornwell team has established and revised a comprehensive training offering for new investors like you. This program provides a full, in-depth look at what your new life as a Cornwell Quality Tools dealer will be like. The areas we cover in our training include, but are not limited to:

  • Our Computer System for Route Planning, Customer Service, and Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow
  • Scheduling and Time Management
  • Merchandising
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Product Knowledge
  • Selling Techniques

A central focus of our initial training revolves around the Ironman Business Network (IBN), the software and technology package that every Cornwell dealer can access to manage their business operations. IBN allows them to update customer information, order product inventory from Cornwell, and set daily route schedules, among other necessary considerations.

Even after you’ve completed your initial training and begun running your daily routes throughout your territory, the Cornwell team continues working to help your business. We provide numerous opportunities for ongoing training, so you can continue to improve your business operations and better resolve customer challenges.

Additional training opportunities can be coordinated with your Cornwell District Manager, a valuable resource who is instrumental in connecting you with the Cornwell franchising team. Our District Managers bring extensive mobile tools experience with them when they join our brand, having often worked in a variety of roles during their time in the industry. In fact, a good amount of them were once Cornwell dealers themselves – having provided them firsthand knowledge of the same responsibilities and challenges that you will likely manage and encounter as you run your mobile tools business.

This level of training and support has gone a long way to making our dealers confident in their chances of success, regardless of their prior knowledge of or experience within the mobile tools industry. Of note, plenty of our dealers come from backgrounds completely separate from running a mobile tools business – a big reason why we don’t require candidates to have worked in specific roles before becoming Cornwell dealers. This flexibility has allowed us to join with investors from many sectors with experience as:

  • Automotive mechanics
  • Entrepreneurs looking to diversify their portfolio
  • Working professionals in search of a career where they have more input and control over their direction
  • Military veterans or other first responders
  • And many others!

While a background working in B2B and customer-facing roles is helpful, we are confident that candidates with the motivation and work ethic to become the preferred mobile tools option in their area can do so as a Cornwell dealer. This speaks to the confidence that the Cornwell team has in the training program that we implement for each of our franchised dealers. With the training we provide as your franchisor, you can share in the confidence we have in your chances of success as a Cornwell Quality Tools dealer.

Interested in hearing more about our training and how it helps you in your day-to-day life as a Cornwell dealer? Contact our team today and we will share further information with you!


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