When entrepreneurs evaluate their options to start a new business venture, a key element to consider is the amount and quality of available training and support. These individuals should consider franchising because under a traditional small business model, they would be tasked with handling many responsibilities on their own. On the other hand, most franchisors offer a franchise training program, but training alone isn’t enough to make the franchising journey as smooth as it could be. Among their options, many entrepreneurs have found that franchising with a brand like Cornwell Quality Tools, which provides strong and consistent franchise support, offers the most reliable path. 

The team at Cornwell Quality Tools offers top-tier support for our franchisees, thanks in part to the experience we have accumulated over a century of being in the mobile tools industry. We’ve seen quite a bit of change and how it impacts customers’ preferences and needs when it comes to mobile tools. As a result, the Cornwell team is able to innovate and supply our franchisees with new resources to help them continue to service their customers and grow their business.

How The Cornwell Tools Team Supports Franchisees in Their Investment

As members of the Cornwell Quality Tools brand family, our franchisees have direct access to some of the best support initiatives in the mobile tools industry. We make a commitment to supplying this support so that franchisees know they are not alone in working to make their location successful. The Cornwell corporate team has established numerous teams within business-critical departments that are specifically dedicated to helping our franchisees. These include:

  • District Managers – The District Managers the local support to the franchise dealer. They spend time on trucks riding with dealers while doing business to observe opportunities to increase business for the franchise dealer. With most having franchised with us before, they know what it takes to build a successful franchise and will share it with current Cornwell franchisees to help them in their daily operations.
  • Marketing – The Marketing department works to highlight the latest developments in the Cornwell Quality Tools line of products and create demand among the customer base in a territory. This helps franchisees cultivate a consistent pipeline of sales to grow their business.
  • Publications – We produce eye-catching materials that generate and increase awareness of our mobile tool offerings on behalf of our franchisees. These materials often come in the form of tool catalogs, flyers, and printed and electronic documents.
  • Customer Service – Acting as a research team for franchisees, the Customer Service department is readily available to help franchisees who need help with a question or overcoming a roadblock.
  • Tech-Credit – Customers can learn about and apply for financing options through our Tech-Credit team, allowing franchisees to secure large deals and maintain proper management of their location’s cash flow.
  • Training – The Training team, made up of Corporate and Field Trainers, and Regional and Corporate Managers, conducts training for franchisees and helps them complete the program that prepares new franchisees for their grand opening.

Our Business Model Provides a Fantastic Structure of Franchise Support

A major reason why the business model at Cornwell Quality Tools sets our franchisees up for success is that we know we all succeed when our franchisees do. Since we primarily market and sell our tools through our licensed dealers, they are regarded as one of the most important parts of our overall business. This is evidenced in how we allow our dealer franchises to sell virtually unrestricted within their territory, which is in stark contrast to how many other franchisors only allow their franchisees to sell to an approved list of buyers.

Choosing a franchise opportunity that offers the support a franchise business investment deserves is an important factor that entrepreneurs should keep in mind. At Cornwell Quality Tools, it’s a commitment that we’ve followed through on to ensure our franchisees can be successful in the mobile tools industry.

Want to find out more information about our support efforts for franchisee efforts? Reach out to us today and see what separates Cornwell’s support from the rest and what you’ll get from your investment!


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