Why Should an Entrepreneur Franchise with Cornwell Tools?

When meeting with prospective dealers, our team at Cornwell Quality Tools frequently hears the question, “Why should an entrepreneur franchise with your brand?” It’s a fair question to ask, as the franchising industry has continued to rise in popularity in recent years, providing entrepreneurs with many options to choose from for their next business venture. At Cornwell, we are eager to prove that we offer the best franchising opportunity on the market for those considering entering the mobile tools business.

Cornwell Quality Tools stands out from other mobile tool franchises thanks in part to our decorated brand history, which few other franchisors can match. We have operated as a family-owned business for more than 100 years, giving us the experience to help franchisees keep pace with industry innovations related to mobile tools. Since we first opened for business, Cornwell has remained committed to keeping the same feeling of family for every member of our company – including all the entrepreneurs who choose to become licensed dealers with us.

Dealer-Friendly Investment Structure

The Cornwell team strives to make our franchise opportunity as appealing to entrepreneurs as possible. This is something we aim to achieve from the very start of each new partnership we enter, as evidenced by our investment structure. While other franchisors require their franchisees to pay high costs that can threaten to overwhelm their new business, Cornwell takes a different approach to put our dealers in a more favorable position. We don’t require entrepreneurs to pay a franchise fee, which is a major difference compared to the industry standard approach many of our competitors still use. 

Cornwell dealers also receive access to a clearly defined list of initial inventory that can prove to be invaluable, including these pieces that are critical to getting their new business off the ground:

  • A mobile tools truck that allows dealers to bring their tool store to customers, making it an essential component of their Cornwell franchise
  • A computer system that includes the latest hardware and software to help dealers manage all aspects of their daily business from just about anywhere

Cornwell Quality Tools also offers additional financing options for entrepreneurs who require assistance in affording their initial investment.

Continuous Training and Support

As a further advantage, entrepreneurs choosing to franchise with Cornwell Tools will find we don’t expect them to be experts on everything related to mobile tools. We also don’t require new dealers who join our team to bring a specific set of experiences. This has created opportunities for individuals with little-to-no background in tools aspiring to make the most of a thriving industry, veterans returning to civilian life, and experienced business people looking to add another venture to their portfolio.

Cornwell’s training and support programs make a significant difference in preparing new dealers for what they will experience in the mobile tools industry. We focus on sharing best practices that we have picked up over our 100+ years in the business so that each dealer is ready to get started no matter their background. The initial training covers various topics, including:

  • Merchandising
  • Product Knowledge
  • Route Management
  • Selling Techniques
  • Time Management
  • Cash Flow
  • Managing the Computer System
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • And More!

Cornwell also supplies a dedicated District Manager to each new dealer to help them implement what they have learned in their training and overcome any challenges that arise once they get started. Cornwell dealers can also take advantage of our support programs in the form of coaching visits, sales meetings, and networking events. These offer the opportunity for dealers to share and learn from the experiences of other Cornwell franchisees, District Managers, and mobile tools professionals.

Reliable Customer Base

Much of the work the Cornwell Quality Tools team does is designed to put our licensed dealers in as strong of a position as possible to make their franchise profitable. Another important aspect of this is the loyal customer base that has elevated Cornwell to the top of the mobile tools industry over our many years in business. Customers know that they can trust the quality of the tools we produce and that our dealers offer as fair of a price on the tools they sell as any other in the industry. As a result, many readily anticipate their local Cornwell dealer’s next visit to purchase the mobile tools they need.

Cornwell Quality Tools is more than just a mobile tools brand – we’ve operated as a family business from the very start. This extends beyond just our franchising team, to include our District Managers, licensed dealers, and even our loyal customers. Every action we take to support our dealers is done so they can answer the question, “Should an entrepreneur franchise with Cornwell?” with a resounding “Yes!”

Reach out to the Cornwell team and learn why entrepreneurs franchise with us!


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