How We Became Known as the Best Tool Truck Franchise

How We Became Known as the Best Tool Truck Franchise

Entrepreneurs who are searching the mobile tools industry for the best tool truck franchise investment certainly have plenty of options to consider. While there are several different brands with franchise opportunities on the market, not every franchise offers the same growth potential. To maximize the return they could gain from investing in a mobile tools franchise, these entrepreneurs should research each tool truck brand they could join as a dealer.

Once they complete this research, they will likely have a better idea of the pros and cons of each investment opportunity and understand which will offer the best chance of reaching their ambitions through the success of their business. Cornwell Quality Tools has been striving to become known as the best tool truck franchise in the mobile tools industry since our first day in business over 100 years ago.

We’re one of the few brands that can proudly say that we started as a privately held family-owned business and continue to be one to this day. This makes a major difference to the tool dealers who franchise with us, as we can make them a higher priority, compared to other brands. Some of our competitors have additional business concerns that they must consider ahead of their franchisees.

Dealers Are Vital to Our Brand’s Success and Our Support Is Vital to Their Success

Not only are franchise owners representatives of our brand to their customers, but they can often significantly impact the company’s overall performance. At Cornwell, we know all about the important role that our dealers play and how to best support them. While some franchisors in other industries may opt to leave their franchisees to “sink or swim” on their own, that is not what Cornwell dealers can expect from us.

Our team dedicates a variety of support resources to keep our dealers’ mobile tool truck businesses moving in the right direction so they can provide our customers with the level of service and quality of products they have come to expect from Cornwell. One way we do this is by connecting each Cornwell dealer with a District Manager, who will become their go-to point of contact for any questions or challenges they may face. District Managers also attend our Cornwell franchise events and visit each dealer quarterly for an in-person review.

Many of our District Managers have prior backgrounds working directly in the mobile tools industry, including as franchised Cornwell dealers themselves! This type of experience is invaluable when it comes to advising our current Cornwell dealers. Another valuable support resource our Cornwell Quality Tools dealers have access to is the Ironman Business Network (IBN). IBN is a modern software package that streamlines each Cornwell dealer’s operations so they can better service their customers.

Our dealers use IBN for all sorts of mobile tools business functions, including scheduling daily routes on their tool trucks and managing inventory to ensure they have the right products to sell to each customer they visit.

Learn About the Key Advantages the Best Tool Truck Franchise has to Offer

Beyond just the support we supply, Cornwell dealers can also benefit from several other competitive advantages they would not be guaranteed access to elsewhere. For one, our dealers have the freedom to sell Cornwell tools and products to any interested customers in their territory.

This is a major difference from other franchisors in the mobile tools industry who restrict their distributors to selling to a set list of clients in their area. In other words, if a distributor wants to sell to a potential customer not currently on their list, they must first receive the franchisor’s approval. Thankfully, this is a limitation entrepreneurs who franchise with Cornwell Quality Tools do not have to deal with. Another key differentiator for Cornwell dealers is the high standard we keep when it comes to the tools and products we produce.

Every piece of equipment that Cornwell produces is American-made in one of our own factories. We then send them out directly to each Cornwell dealer, so their customers can receive the high-quality products they need. And since Cornwell almost exclusively distributes our products through our franchised dealers, customers know that purchasing from a visiting Cornwell tool truck is the only way to acquire the best-in-class products they need for their automotive service needs. Finding the right business venture is often easier said than done – but franchising with the Cornwell Quality Tools team can give ambitious investors the exact opportunity they have been searching for.

Those who want to start their own mobile tool truck business will greatly appreciate Cornwell’s high-quality products, fantastic support efforts, and excellent franchise business model.

Ready to step on a tool truck and start the process of becoming your own boss? Reach out to us today to learn more information about our tool franchise investment and get started with your training!

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