Cornwell Quality Tools Franchisees Learn to Anticipate Their Customer’s Needs

At Cornwell Quality Tools, franchisees need to anticipate their customer’s need for a particular product or tool before they even shop for it.

Online Shopping Isn’t Always More Convenient

It’s indisputable that e-commerce has changed the way we do business. It has undoubtedly made it easier for buyers to find the specific product they want without searching multiple stores for it.

While we all appreciate how online shopping has made aspects of our lives easier, it’s also caused its share of problems for small business owners who typically have a finite inventory. And yet, there are many reasons why customers still want and need to shop at certain local stores. And this is very much the case for mechanics and technicians, who make up the bulk of Cornwell’s customer base.

This blog examines why a tool dealer’s success is often determined by how well they know their customers.

There’s Only So Much Room in a Truck

Technicians and mechanics rely on mobile tool stores to get their jobs done. Usually, our customers can’t wait on a tool to be delivered or leave their shop to find one offsite. Whether their old gadget breaks or today’s repair calls for a tool they don’t have, most don’t know they’ll need something from us until the moment they need it.

Whether you make a sale or not depends on having the right product for the right person at the right time, so how do franchisees with Cornwell Quality Tools ensure they have the proper inventory?

Our Dealers Take the Time to Know Each Customer

Getting to know your customer goes a long way in anticipating their needs. Although a dealer will spend a lot of time on the truck with their customer, they should also observe their customer working in their bay. Do they seem to prefer a particular line? What tools do they use often? Which ones look worn? Which ones are brand new? Are they lacking something that would make a job faster or easier?

Most Technicians Prefer to Work with a Primary Dealer

So, why does a technician rely on one dealer over another? Because they know their dealer orders their truck’s inventory with their specific needs and preferences in mind. They prefer the truck that’s inventory consists of the things they like and not what a dealer wants them to like.

The Difference Between Offering Service and Serving Needs

Always staying customer-focused is one of the secrets of success in tool distribution. Those who meet their customer where they are, understand what they need, and do whatever it takes to make their jobs easier, can count on a more loyal client base.

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