A Different Kind of Tool Manufacturing Franchise

If you’re considering buying a tool truck with one of the four major mobile distributors, it’s essential to understand how our tool manufacturing company differs from the competition.

There are a lot of reasons tool dealers prefer owning a Cornwell tool truck, and here we’ll discuss two:

  • We’re one of only two tool manufacturing franchises in the U.S. that still produce tools domestically.
  • We’re the only one that’s family-owned and operated.

Many of our franchisees joined Cornwell after first working with one of our competitors, and it was our culture that drew them here. They’re often the first to tell our candidates how they feel more like a valued team member at Cornwell, rather than just another route number like at the other places.

To give you an idea of why these differences are important to our business owners, consider the following.

Forged During the Industrial Revolution

In the early 1900s, a young blacksmith named Eugene Cornwell from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, grew dissatisfied with the quality of the available punches and chisels on the market. Using his years of forging experience, he experimented with different metals, heat treatments, and developing processes until he could harden tools better than anybody.

Cornwell’s improved punches and chisels quickly took off, and in 1919 Cornwell Quality Tools was born. Since then, we’ve been the standard by which all other professional-grade tools are measured.

An Enduring Brand and Legacy

Today, a variety of our most popular Cornwell Tools are still handmade by Cornwell craftspeople using the same exacting standards of our founder. And, a century later, our hardline tools are still regarded as among the best in the U.S. for their superior quality, affordability, and fairest warranties in the business.

Pure American Steel

Many of our most popular tools begin as raw U.S. steel in our forging plant in Albion, Pennsylvania. The alloy and grade of given steel vary by product, and these formulations are proprietary to Cornwell. Each tool is hand-forged by one of our tool experts and inspected for proper hardness, malleability, and resistance.

From there, the tools travel to the Cornwell manufacturing plant in Mogadore, Ohio. Here, our expert toolmakers finish the tools to their exacting standards, using various methods and technologies.

No Buyouts, No 3rd-Party Profit Margin, No Client List

Unlike the other tool distribution franchises, we only bring our tools to market through our official Cornwell franchise dealers. Because we don’t sell around them, our dealers enjoy total control over their markets and profits. In addition, while our competitors supply franchisees with a set list of potential customers they’re allowed to solicit, we assign franchisees their own geographical territories with the freedom to serve whoever they want within them. Lastly, because we’re family-owned, our dealers never have to worry about what people on Wall Street want. This centralized business model ensures markups stay low so that dealers can pass the value on to their customers and the profit to themselves.

At Cornwell, the Sky Is Truly the Limit

Becoming a Cornwell franchise dealer can be the first step toward a beautiful future running your own business. We’ve got great opportunities for new franchises. And because we’re the only tool manufacturing franchise whose success depends on their dealers’ success, we make it possible for them to take control of their financial future.

Our training and support systems give industry newcomers and pros alike the tools and equipment they need to start a business and take it to another level. Contact us today to find out how.


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