There are lots of great perks that come with opening a mobile tool franchise rather than a stationary tool store. The Cornwell Tools model is centered around providing customers with outstanding service on their turf, giving them the chance to see how our tools will fit into their shops right on the spot. Here, learn about a few of the perks associated with this model.

#1. You Don’t Need to Pay for Real Estate

For the most part, our franchisees don’t need to invest in real estate because their tool truck is their mobile showroom. With a mobile tool franchise, you’re able to take your inventory to each customer, so there’s no need for them to come to you. A 3,000 sq. ft. commercial space could cost around $96K a year, so that’s a lot of savings that Cornwell Tools franchisees can invest straight into their business.

#2. Ultimate Flexibility

Another great reason to choose a mobile tool franchise is that you’re able to meet your customers’ unique needs. You’ll likely have a regular route and schedule that you’ll stick to, but if plans change, you’re able to adjust, too. Say one of your customers has a tool break and needs a replacement right away – you’re able to drive your inventory right to them so they don’t miss a beat. That flexibility sets Cornwell Tools apart from the competition.

#3. Unbeatable Visibility

One drawback to running a brick-and-mortar store is that people need to be in your area to see it, even with the best of signage. That means that despite your best marketing efforts, you might not be visible to many of the prospective customers in your area.

Branded vehicles, like Cornwell’s mobile tool franchises, are moving around town all day. That means you could be getting as many as 80,000 impressions per day when people across your territory see your vehicle. That kind of visibility is invaluable for a new business. While you’re taking the time to connect with new customers, you’re also giving them the chance to notice you.

#4. Get to Know Your Community

Another great reason to go mobile is that it gives you the chance to keep your finger on the pulse of your community. In our line of work, franchisees need to connect with every potential customer in their territory. Because you’ll be out and about every day, you’ll be able to see for yourself when new mechanics set up shop or join the businesses you already serve. That gives you a leg up when it comes to finding new customers to add to your roster.

These are just a few of the perks associated with choosing a mobile tool franchise. Contact us today to learn what it takes to become a Cornwell Tools franchisee.


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