A Day in the Life of a Cornwell Tools Mobile Franchisee

If you’re considering starting your own Cornwell Tools franchise, you’re probably curious about what your day-to-day schedule would look like. Cornwell dealers operate at a fast pace and focus on their customers’ needs. That said, there are many responsibilities that they all have in common. Here are some of the things you will do on a typical day.

Your Daily Routine

Starting Your Day Off Right

The day starts with making sure your "store on wheels" is ready to show off. Then, once you have stocked your truck and reviewed your plan for the day – it's time to hit the road!

Finishing Up

After your last stop of the day, it's time to shut down and prepare for tomorrow. You will tidy up the store, review your numbers for the day, count your money, and use IBN to place your daily order.

Making the Rounds

The rest of the day is all about running your route. A stop on your route could be a small independent repair shop or a large fleet maintenance shop with several technicians. You become the "tool consultant" at each visit, where you will show your technicians tools and other products that make their job easier.

Additional Activities throughout the Week




A Cornwell Tools franchisee can sell to individual mechanics and businesses within their assigned geographic territories, such as schools, transportation repair facilities, and aviation maintenance shops. So, you won't be restricted to a list of shops like our competitors. As a result, our franchisees spend time networking with customers in their area. For example, some dealers visit local car shows and have customer appreciation events to drive business and build relationships.


Managing Inventory

Managing Inventory

You will use the IBN software to manage your inventory and customer needs. As a Cornwell Tools dealer, you can place orders every day so that you have the product your customers need when they need it.


Fine Tune Business

Fine Tune Business

Our point-of-sale software helps you to manage your day-to-day business. This system gives new business owners the ability to manage cash flow and understand how transactions affect their business in real-time.


Continued Development

Continued Development

In today's world, the transportation industry is rapidly developing. Cornwell Tools is committed to keeping your customers supplied with the necessary tools to keep up with those changes.

Let us know if you’re ready to learn more about what it takes to open your own Cornwell Tools franchise.

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